SKENTY – first sexy, sustainable, innovative, beautiful hygiene underwear


“We liberate women!”

Our own love brand

SKENTY – first sexy, sustainable, innovative,
beautiful hygiene underwear made in Europe


Skenty is a sustainable hygiene underwear for women with periods or bladder weakness. Sexy. Innovative. Reliable. Comfortable. Made in Europe. By women for women.


Sexy hygiene underwear with a mission

On average, women have used up to 17,000 tampons, pads and sanitary products in their lifetime. All of these are disposable and throwaway products, which is not an insignificant environmental issue and also not uncritical from a hygiene point of view. And the demand for incontinence has not even been taken into account yet. Although it is the number 2 widespread disease, right after depression. While the topic of menstruation is slowly becoming socially acceptable, incontinence is still hushed up in society and is confronted with stigmas and prejudices.

It’s all about “being a woman”

Skenty was born out of an actual need. The three of them had been searching for a long time with different backgrounds for a product that gives security, is sustainable, but is still no less aesthetic, sexy and cool than high-quality lingerie.

For them, this is all about “being a woman”. Empowering women in their sense of well-being, dignity and self-confidence. They want to do away with taboo subjects. They want to enlighten and celebrate the elemental power of femininity – with their products, their stories and their community.

The Berlin team is constantly working on product innovations and new technologies to give women the greatest possible comfort, the best hygiene and a safe feeling. The focus is always on design paired with functionality and sustainable materials.




leak protection







“We liberate women!”

That’s not just a slogan. It’s the mission of Skenty – the Berlin-based women’s start-up co-developed by Olivia Pflugfelder, an experienced product developer and expert in performance textiles, and our agency founders, Luiza and Mandie..”

“Let’s enlighten and celebrate the elemental power of femininity”