In times of radical change, uncontrollable dynamics and ever-present uncertainty, we see it as our calling to break new ground. We believe in our deep purpose to create, cultivate and bring mindfulness into the world through our industry.

We unleash the strength of brands and the people behind them with an innovative approach of value-based appreciative and conscious communication.

Together we raise the awareness of brands and convey their purpose, while leaving a lasting, positive impact on communication, communities and the planet.

We are a team of 20 who works with a fantastic international network of experts from different fields.

After more than two decades in Berlin, we are fearless, offbeat, free-willed and in a constant flow of transformation.

We decided to dedicate ourselves to empowering sustainable and responsible brands 10 years ago. And one thing we have learnt along the way is that there is no sustainability without mindfulness.

Join us on this transformative journey.
Let us be the driving force behind your brand’s success.




For more than two decades now, we have been cultivating the image of local, national and international companies and brands as a full-service PR and communication agency.

And more than one decade ago, we were one of the first agencies in the lifestyle segment to shift our focus onto sustainability and responsibility.

But that’s not enough for us anymore.

What kind of a world do we want to live in?

We are confronted with universal challenges like climate change, widening social disparities around the world and the increasingly alarming state of our physical and mental health. The uncontrollable nature of digitalisation and technological advances is only intensifying this omnipresent feeling of insecurity.
All of this is having an effect on us as people – on the way we treat each other, on our awareness and our connection with ourselves and those around us.
It is leading to less interaction and more isolation, to more ‘absolute’ instead of ‘relative’, to more ‘I’ than ‘we’. Most people these days are feeling helpless in the face of the various global crises.

Here at Press Factory, we want to be part of a world that is built on the pillars of love, mindfulness and awareness.

For us, that means taking responsibility, working on ourselves and creating a new kind of corporate culture and new forms of collaboration together.

Making these changes is something that’s very close to our hearts, which is why we’ve set out to help shape this new world. That is something we are living and breathing in our corporate culture, our code of values and in our commitment – by turning lots of individual ‘I’s’ into one ‘WE’.

As communication specialists and consultants, we have a certain responsibility: to inspire our industry to keep adapting and reinventing itself. Because, after all, it is communication itself that has the universal power to break down walls and bring about conscious change. Communication has the ability to touch and motivate people and helps us to make informed decisions. We have decided to join this movement and are starting with ourselves – with each and every one of us.


Our deepest purpose is to manifest, cultivate and bring the gift of mindfulness into the world.

We inspire to follow the deeper meaning and higher purpose.