How to AI in PR

Artificial Intelligence

The future Artist Behind the Lense

As with many other companies in the 21st century, a variety of AI tools have found their way into our everyday working lives at Press Factory. Presentation creation, research, copywriting, translation work, formulation – AI enables us to make our work processes more efficient – not only for our company, but also for our clients and partners. That being said, AI is further proving to be increasingly indispensable, particularly in the area of visual content creation and social media.

Visual aesthetics seem to be paramount – especially in today’s world. Using AI tools from Photoshop , Photoshop Firefly or even Canva enables us to create visual material that is always on-trend while perfectly conveying the brands messages we work with.  However, it is not just the aesthetics of our images that are important to us. Rather, AI gives us the opportunity to tell exciting and moving stories through images that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to depict visually – within seconds. This opens up the dimension of entertaining and educating in a creative way.

In addition to the time savings advantage, two other enormous benefits of using artificial intelligence in the visual field need to be emphasized:

Personalization & Creative Possibilities: AI is able to generate images tailored to our individual preferences and demographic characteristics of our target audiences. A white bar on the side of a tropical beach that is branded with our company logo? Didn’t even had to leave the room. An enormous popcorn machine within a luxurious cinema? Give me 5 minutes. Meaning: Working with AI programs increases the relevance and appeal of our visual content and sets it apart from others.

What can be taken away from this? Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized visual communication in the creative industry, especially for companies and agencies that are looking for new creative ways to market products and themselves and that want to tell creative stories. The ability to create extraordinary and aesthetically pleasing photos offers immense benefits and strengthens brand positioning in a competitive market. Further, AI allows us to enhance our creativity and efficiency, sets trends and can be able to maximize audience engagement. One can therefore day: In a world where images speak louder than words, AI is the key to creating visual masterpieces that impress and inspire.

By Philip Wawra