Since its foundation in 2013 LikeMeat has revolutionised the food industry like no other with its plant-based meat. Because the German manufacturer unites what its competitors have not managed to do so far: Plant-based meat with the taste and bite of animal meat.

In fact, LikeMeat products have been available in the supermarkets Rewe and Edeka since 2014 and the company has been posting sales in the double-digit million range since 2017, the brand has been rather cautious in communication.

“Plant-based foods are becoming increasingly popular and demand is growing steadily. For LikeMeat, the development of brand communication is therefore an important next step in order to position itself in the market for plant-based foods and to intensify the exchange with consumers. Press Factory convinced us with its passion and its strategic approaches. We were specifically not looking for a pure food agency, but an agency that shares our vision for a more sustainable future and brings with it extensive lifestyle expertise. Together we will drive the transformation of the food industry.”

Karola Kentner-Schuetz, Head of Marketing LikeMeat


LikeMeat GmbH was founded in 2013 by the entrepreneur’s son Timo Recker in Wetschen, Germany. Right from the start, LikeMeat has set itself apart from the rest of its competitors with its authentic bite and taste. The company produces vegan meat alternatives based on organic soy and peas. The focus is especially on flexitarians who want to integrate a plant-based nutrition into their everyday lives but do not want to do so without the taste and texture of meat.

Its core competence lies in the striped and sliced meat segment with the top sellers Like Chicken, Like Gyros, Like Döner and Like Grilled Chicken. In addition, LikeMeat has local hero products such as Like Schnitzel, Like Nugget and Like Bratwurst in its range.

In total, the range comprises 15 product variations.

LikeMeat has been awarded numerous certificates: IFS certificate, the FDA certificate, the “V-label” of the Vegan Society, the gluten-free certificate and the European SKAL organic certification. No genetically modified beans are used for the organic soybeans certified by inSYTE™. Furthermore, LikeMeat does not use soybeans from rainforest areas. LikeMeat also pays attention to sustainable solutions in the packaging. For example, the cardboard slipcase comes from an FSC-certified manufacturer. This seal stands for “Forest Stewardship Council” and guarantees that wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests. All packaging trays are made of recycled materials, which the supplier prepares using a special process. This allows LikeMeat to reduce its CO2 footprint by up to 70% compared to non-recycled PET.

 “We see it as a great opportunity to advance our core issues of sustainability and responsible business in the food sector. LikeMeat is an absolute dream client, because the company has everything that is important to us: visionary leadership and a healthy, GMO-free and convincing product with a controlled value chain. Our motivation is to support LikeMeat in its growth strategy and at the same time to educate, create awareness and ultimately positively influence the mindset of consumers towards a more sustainable diet.”

Mandie Bienek, owner and CEO Press Factory