Beauty, Fashion & Nature in sustainable harmony

Dr. Hauschka x FelderFelder


The Story: Felder Felder

FELDER FELDER was born in 2006, by twin sisters and Central St Martin’s graduates Daniela and Annette Felder and received awards, nominations and an international celebrity and press following for its signature style. The sisters had the strong desire to bring their conscious lifestyle into their brand and for the past years have been focusing on merging their style with sustainability.

The Story: Dr.Hauschka

For many years, Rudolf Hauschka considered launching his own skin care range to complement the medicines range – a kind of extension of the preparations to maintain healthy skin. However, his ideas only became a reality when he met Vienna-born Elisabeth Sigmund, who ordered preparations from WALA for her self-developed skin care products. The cosmetologist, who was at the time living in Stockholm, travelled to Eckwälden and worked with the medicine experts to develop recipes for facial care products. They jointly developed solutions for stable cream bases without chemical/synthetic emulsifiers and created fragrance mixes with natural essential oils.

Dr. Hauschka and London design duo Felder Felder debuted their collaboration in Germany at the start of this year’s Berlinale film festival. 

Dr. Hauschka and London design duo Felder Felder debuted their collaboration in Germany at the start of this year’s Berlinale film festival. The Capsule Collection was exclusively photographed by fashion photographer Kristian Schuller. Felder Felder’s Ecoture Pieces are inspired by the Dr. Hauschka Limited Make-up Edition “High Spirits”, which was launched worldwide on 15 February 2019. Both partners work to bring fashion and beauty into harmony with nature and pursue the vision of creating sustainable, consistent values for people – without ever compromising on quality, appearance, beauty or style.

“People need two kinds of beauty – inner and outer.”

Elisabeth Sigmund, Co-founder  Dr.Hauschka

Inspired by the natural ingredients of Dr. Hauschka’s new Limited Edition, Felder Felder has created a collection of five sustainably made dresses. Innovative materials from nature were used for the project, including pineapple leather made from the fibres of pineapple leaves, wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest, Tencel made from wood pulp, and tree bark. The designers also incorporated sustainable materials such as organic cotton, vegan silk and recycled polyester into their creations. 

In order to raise awareness of the important issue of sustainability and highlight human responsibility to the planet, the goal is for the Capsule Collection pieces to appear on the red carpets of international film festivals. During the Berlinale, the dresses were worn by international director and screenwriter Emily Atef and German actress and singer Anne Catrin Märzke.