Welcome, Dr. Hauschka!

Welcome, Dr. Hauschka!

About Dr. Hauschka

By harnessing the rhythms of polarities such as warmth and cold, darkness and light or rest and movement, the company creates healthcare products based on natural substances that, wherever possible, are obtained from certified organic or Demeter sources and under fair conditions.

Double debut: Our new client Dr. Hauschka at Art Basel Miami 

Dr. Hauschka was making its debut at Art Basel Miami Beach 2018 and supported the FASHION INNOVATION panel discussion in the newly opened FAENA BAZAAR, where the unique art piece “Nature Dream” was presented as a loan item, alongside other creations by Vivienne Westwood, for example.

The exclusive launch of the collaboration between Dr. Hauschka and FELDER FELDER took place during Art Basel Miami Beach 2018 in the magical gardens of the Standard Spa in Miami Beach. The list of international guests from the worlds of fashion, art and culture included Barbara Becker, Taina Moreno de Oliveira Lagoeiro, Anna Jill Lüppertz, Jenny Falckenberg-Blunck, Rula Jebreal, Eyal Burstein, Assia and Nika Webster e.g.

“Nature’s treasures transformed for you

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care remains highly committed to the pioneering spirit of its early days in the 1930s. In 1999, the company launched a complete make-up range – with natural ingredients and a recipe that not only beautifies but also nourishes. In 2009, the skin care range was expanded to include medical care products.

For many years, Rudolf Hauschka considered launching his own skin care range to complement the medicines range – a kind of extension of the preparations to maintain healthy skin. However, his ideas only became a reality when he met Vienna-born Elisabeth Sigmund, who ordered preparations from WALA for her self-developed skin care products. The cosmetologist, who was at the time living in Stockholm, travelled to Eckwälden and worked with the medicine experts to develop recipes for facial care products. They jointly developed solutions for stable cream bases without chemical/synthetic emulsifiers and created fragrance mixes with natural essential oils.


“When we developed these unconventional skin care products we naturally felt like rebels. ”

Elisabeth Sigmund