Red Wing


Hello to the newest member of our growing Press Factory- family: Red Wing. From march on we will be responsible for the full-service public relations in Germany including corporate, brand and product PR, as well as influencer collaborations.

Welcome Red Wing!


Red Wing Shoes was built on America’s great promise; if one worked hard enough, one could achieve anything. Since 1905, that work ethic has been poured into every cut and stitch that crafts a Red Wing boot. From the first boot to leave the factory floor, Red Wing has proudly stood not only for getting the job done but getting it done right. By combining the finest leathers and quality materials with uncompromising craftsmanship, Red Wing’s Heritage collection continues to build upon a legacy of USA-made excellence so the boots built tomorrow are as enduring as the boots built 100 years ago.

American Craftsmanship since 1905

Red Wing Shoe Company started making boots for women in the midst of the Roaring Twenties. These women were pioneers of their era, breaking free from the constraints of long skirts and corsets in favor of short hair, pants, and boots. Red Wing Shoe Company responded to these social changes by creating a collection of ladies’ boots that were specifically suited to the needs and activities of independent women of the time, using the same purpose-built craftsmanship and care found in their men’s shoes.