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Press Factory loves Rorøs Tweed!

Cozy Times!

Welcome Rorøs Tweed

We are delighted to welcome Rorøs Tweed to our stable of brands that have sustainability at their heart!

Pure Norwegian

Røros Tweed has produced high-quality wool products since 1940, based on a centuries-old local crafts tradition. All products are of Norwegian wool and entirely – from raw wool to finished product – produced in Norway.

“In Norway there is a long tradition of breeding sheep with respect to their wool, and to deal with this as a valuable resource.”

The Story

Røros Tweed has been weaving high quality wool products since 1940, building on a local tradition that goes back centuries. Selected wool from Norwegian sheep and 100% Norwegian production, combined with collaboration with Scandinavia’s top designers and textile artists, has made Røros Tweed one of the most renowned wholly Norwegian quality brands.

The Sustainability

Today, Røros Tweed is the only producer of throws and blankets in Scandinavia, ensuring that the whole value chain remains in Norway. Norwegian sheep graze on clean, fresh mountain pastures, making their wool pure and more environmentally-friendly than most textile fibres. In combination with the flexibility and insulation properties that are naturally developed in sheep that dwell in the cold Norwegian climate, this is a fundamental reason for the superior quality and functionality of  Røros products.

The Designers

Vibrant colors, minimal textures, optical effects or classical combinations: the exclusive design of Røros Tweed comes from collaborations with the most famous Scandinavian designers of the textile sector; a design that invents new styles and new characters, managing to respect the Scandinavian tradition with innovation. Among the designers are Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll, two of Norway’s most lauded designers and are members of the design team involved in the internationally renowned Norway Says design office. Other Names are Inga Sempè, Sara Wright Polmar and Bjarne Melgaard, one of Norway’s foremost and internationally most renown contemporary artists.