Till Lindemann x LikeMeat


Meat lover meets Veganuary

“We are very happy!
Thank you!”

Till Lindemann (Rammstein) x LikeMeat for Veganuary

Wait TILL you taste it!


Plant-based meat manufacturer LikeMeat is supporting Veganuary 2021 with a food performance art film starring Till Lindemann. Veganuary promotes a vegan lifestyle and encourages people to eat purely plant-based food in January. The art film shows Till Lindemann eating a plant burger from LikeMeat. In the making of the film, the main actor had creative freedom to bring in his own artistic approaches. The food performance is inspired by the legendary art film “Andy Warhol eating a Hamburger” by Jørgen Leth from 1982, in which the world-famous pop artist can be seen eating a classic hamburger.



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“We are very happy that we could win Till for our campaign. He is the ideal partner for us and for this project. His approach, attention to detail and creativity are unmistakable in our Art Movie.”

Karola Kentner-Schütz
Head of Marketing, LikeMeat GmbH


With the Art Movie, LikeMeat wants to draw attention to the global and ever-growing Veganuary movement and motivate people to try a purely plant-based diet in January 2021. The art movie is part of LikeMeat’s campaign “This is what #Veganuary tastes like”, which will play between the end of December 2020 and the end of January 2021.

Behind the scene

Why did we choose Till? Because he is authentic, 100% Till, 100% artist, 100% nature and meat lover. A personality that can fill this unexciting one-shot sequence with life. He is a performance artist who follows his curiosity with an open and future-orientated mind, breaks boundaries and also invites controversial dialogue. Therefore, a vegan was out of the question for us for this art film. You can’t change the world within the niche.

Mandie Bienek
Press Factory

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