Brand Strategy, Band Development, Brand Design, Brand (Re-)positioning, Brand Transformation, Brand Communication, Brand Management

Our large network of consultants provides expertise and experience to develop, design, manage, reposition or transform successful brands together with clients.

Two decades of marketing, communications and creative industry have highlighted two qualities that are critical to the success and failure of brands and people: great expertise and a mindful appreciative person.

That’s why we also offer Coachings.
Our coachings are conducted by our own experts and our large expert network of certified coaches, united in the

RYSE ACADEMY – Inner and Outer Connection.

Empathy and mindfulness meet expertise – We offer personal development, education and training in the field of marketing communication in the creative industries.

Our coaching method enables goal-, solution- and resource-oriented change within a short period of time. In our coaching sessions we support individuals, teams or organizations in personal and professional development and processes. “Everyone has their own individual goals, desires and visions. We accompany them on their journey.”
Together we design a coaching program tailored to the needs of your company or the individual for a unique learning experience. We support companies and people in their development. “Everyone can live the life they want”.


As a systemic coach, we work with individuals to identify their goals, overcome obstacles, and maximize their personal and professional potential. We provide a supportive and encouraging environment to initiate change, promote self-reflection, decision-making and perspective changes, and find effective solutions for which we have a variety of tools available as a foundation.


This specialized area of our coaching focuses on helping leaders and managers develop their leadership skills, improve their decision-making, strengthen their communication and interpersonal skills, and overcome challenges in the work environment.


We work with groups or teams to improve their collaboration, effectiveness and performance. We assist in clarifying roles and responsibilities, promoting communication and conflict resolution, strengthening team spirit, time management, relationships, and achieving shared goals and vision.


In this special coaching we support the development of specific skills and competencies. This includes communication, PR activities, social media and digital marketing, as well as everything related to brand building (brand strategy, band development, brand design, brand (re)positioning, brand transformation, brand communication, brand management). But also presentation techniques, conflict resolution, time management, leadership skills and other job-related skills and subjects will be presented.

05 Media Coaching

In our media coaching, we optimize optimal presence with exercises and video recording. As media professionals, we know how to increase your impact, how to positively align your mental mindset, which posture to adopt and how to articulate yourself confidently and understandably. So that you get your message across clearly and convincingly – and thus inspire your target group and successfully get your project or product off to a flying start.


For over 22 years, we have been founders and managing directors of our own PR and communications agency with 25 employees – We form a strong team full of know-how in a wide range of fields and topics.

Empathy, listening, talking:
Employees, customers and partners – Their needs, concerns and feedback, but also their emotions, potentials and hidden issues are our daily teachers.

Creative Industries:
Our industry – the creative industry – PR, communication, media, lifestyle brands – does not allow stagnation. Our creativity allows us to think and act outside the box.

No industry is subject to such radical transformation. To “find ourselves anew every day” is everyday life for us. In our companies we have personally experienced and positively accompanied several identity crises, change processes, conflict management and potential development.

Coaching enables us to support people and organizations on their way with systemic tools and methods with passion and appreciation.