Norwegian Rain


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Norwegian Rain is a clothing label run by a small group of nice people based on the ancient, Norwegian tradition of Dugnad

In the rainiest city of Europe – Bergen, Norway – this rain project has evolved into an award-winning designer label based on the concept of dugnad. In center, the duo: Bespoke tailor / designer T-Michael, known for his conceptual approach to his handcraft, and creative director Alexander Helle – a business graduate and functionalist. Together they founded the rain project based on flourishing collabs between local expertise from the creative scene of Bergen. Norwegian Rain’s garments conceal some of the highest level of weather protection available.

“The philosophy is simple. Hard core functional and waterproof outerwear that does not compromise on stylistic preferences. The hi-tech is hidden”


Born and raised in Bergen, you get a life in rain. -A natural laboratory for a rain project. After an exchange in Milan, Alex decided to shape his master degree on the need for protection. A young, inexperienced, educated economist heading into rainwear… It was all balanced when the trained tailor and designer of 17 years, T-Michael, came into play. Depth to ideas, the merge created a bridge between tradition and innovation, rain and sun, black and white, classic and experimental, function and style. Norwegian Rain is here!