Launch of our first chronographs

Kapten & Son


For us, KAPTEN & SON is a role model for a new kind of company, brand and product. Starting with social marketing and PR, it has grown to one of the most successful start-ups in the watch industry. We really enjoy to be their sparring partners in all topics in the German speaking markets.


Founded in 2014 by three young entrepreneurs Fabian Deventer, Artjem Weissenbeck and Johannes Theobald in Münster, Germany, the label KAPTEN & SON is already writing a successful story. For KAPTEN & SON, watches are more than just a timekeeping instrument, more than jewellery and adornment, more than a mere accessory. They are much rather an expression of one’s character, a conscious decision made for individuality and attention to detail. A KAPTEN watch is a faithful companion. Eye-catching, yet still simple. Individual, elegant and recognisable. The design is unobtrusive and, thanks to the interchangeable straps, it always looks the part. For every occasion, every outfit: “KAPTEN ALWAYS FITS”.


Now KAPTEN & SON presents their new Chronographs. We are so excited. See below.

The Kapten

To every adventurer, trailblazer and globetrotter!

Welcome to the world of KAPTEN & SON. We create statement pieces with character – for every character. For all those who wander from mountains to valleys, from cities to beaches, from north to south and from east to west. Our products are the perfect travel companions to have by your side, giving you the feeling of being at home all over the world : from urban jungles to the middle of nowhere and beyond. Our watches and sunglasses stand for a whole generation. A generation that embarks on its own adventures and is always seeking new discoveries – this is exactly what we value. To us each customer is special. An individual character, a trendsetter. A true Kapten. We dedicate 150% of our energy to these personalities, to improving our service, our quality and our range from day to day. Aye!

For every occasion, for every outfit: KAPTEN ALWAYS FITS.