Face to Face with René Storck

“Quality is the result of effort and passion – it can not be simulated.”

René Storck



The René Storck label was founded in 2001, produced in Germany using only the highest quality materials the samples could only be ordered from his atelier in Frankfurt. René Storck GmbH was established with the backing of an investor in 2007, and two years later the designer relocated to Paris where he presented his collection at the iconic Hôtel de Crillon. After his third presentation in Paris, he also achieved retail success when the Spring/Summer 2011 collection was ordered by leading stores in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium and Austria.

How do you see yourself and the concept of timeless design in a society inclined towards fast fashion? 

I think, fast fashion and current trends match perfectly, because trends can only be implemented by using fast fashion. Today everything is over too soon. I can only join a trend, if I’m fast enough. That is the difficulty with collections like we do. A premium product passes through many steps, from design, to choosing material and pattern development –all time consuming steps. Which is why it’s not possible to jump on every train passing by the station.

Since many years now we have been working on pieces that are contemporary and reflect their period, but they have the value of the workmanship that goes into the creation, the quality of patterns and materials – a value that doesn’t fade with a season, one that lasts. Quality is never unfashionable.
The new winter collection was inspired by the concept of discipline in the age of excess. Occasional indulgence is important to establish one’s own limits, but at the same time discipline is paramount: being in control as opposed to letting things control us.

This should be a general rule with everything we consume, whether it’s food, drinks or material things. It’s all about self-discipline and self-control to avoid losing one’s sense of self.  That is something we are experiencing at the moment in fashion – an excess of colours, variety and labels, and the only way to face this is to escape from the mainstream mood from time to time.

Where do you see the development going? Can timeless design go hand in hand with current trends or will one dominate the other?

Yes, I think it goes hand in hand. I mean, that’s exactly what characterizes our current time: that things coexist, also very contrary things. The topic of mixing timeless, high-end pieces with trend items is nothing unusual or new which is a good thing. It is important to keep in mind that not everybody has the opportunity to spend what it costs to buy premium fashion. Cheap production even with its flaws at the end of the day brings the fun of fashion to the mainstream.