Inis Meáin


Meet the newest family member  of the growing portfolio: Inis Meáin.

Our sister company, another project is a One-Stop-Agency that offers PR and distribution services for brands in the German speaking market. anotherproject has  been headed by the retail aficionado Nils Garbe since its conception in 2014.

Inis Meáin

Founded in 1976 Inis Meáin is a premium knitting brand hailing from a small island off the western shore of Ireland. By utilizing local craftsmanship and luxurious yarns the Irish brand has reinvented the traditional knit sweater previously dubbed the “fisherman’s sweater” to a sophisticated garment for contemporary living. The authentic heritage is mirrored in the decorative designs, traditional stitching and styles, paired with the finest fabrics: silk, cashmere, alpaca, linen, wool sourced from mills across Europa and south America. A homage to the islands wild nature and long standing traditions that can now be appreciated by costumers around the world.

“The simplicity and unity of the dress increases in another way the local air of beauty”

J. M. Synge

—The Aran Islands, 1911