Fortune Services GmbH, an expert in Conversational Commerce, has founded the initiative “Digitale Luftbrücke” (engl.: Digital Airlift) to point out a free business option to local retailers. It provides retailers with a simple alternative to the stationary retail store by using WhatsApp Business in order to keep in touch with customers even when the stores are closed, while at the same time maintaining turnover through sales. The communication agency Press Factory GmbH is the media and communication partner of this project for self-help.

In ideal cases, a crisis is also always a time of reflection and transformation. Hardly any other industry has been or is in the spotlight as much as stationary retail is in the current situation. Therefore, quick actions with simple solutions in the field of Conversational Commerce are presently in great demand. On the website, the initiative offers free instruction and advice for the retail industry to transform a WhatsApp Business channel into a marketplace in just a few steps and thus resume trading. “The current crisis is not changing the world, it’s merely accelerating adaptation,” says Felix Hartmann, Managing Director of Fortune Services GmbH. “With our support, we want to help the currently afflicted retail sector.” With this form of Conversational Commerce, customer acquisition takes place via the social media channels or a sign in the shop window of the stationary store. The use of WhatsApp Business is completely free of charge and GDPR-compliant for both, the merchant and the potential buyer. It should be noted, however, that acquisition may only involve pull communication and any form of push may be sanctioned by WhatsApp.

„Even before the crisis, we advised our customers to focus more on the topic of conversational commerce and to showcase their products to customers via WhatsApp and, if necessary, sell them. Although this is associated with an increased consulting effort, it creates a completely new form of customer loyalty.“

Jörg Philipp, Strategy Director Press Factory

Photo Header: Citymalljo