Our roots lie in fashion, which is also one of our true passions! As one of the first PR agencies to specialise in fashion and lifestyle in Germany, we have experienced and shaped all aspects of the business. From the big international players to the newcomers, from the world’s biggest publishers to the most upcoming influencers! We support, consult and accompany brands and companies over decades, or coordinate one-off occasions, large-scale events or exclusive fashion shows. We are driven by passion in all aspects of our work. The network, the people and the complexity of fashion PR is the foundation on which our excellence in all other fields is based on!

In no other area of PR is know-how as important as in the watch and jewellery industry. Especially when luxury is involved. One of the founders of Press Factory has a watch and jewellery background and lives and breathes this enthusiasm in both her professional and private lives. After all, in order to achieve excellence in this sector, you have to understand the market and its mechanisms and share your passion with the multipliers you’re working with on a daily basis.

Retail PR is a challenge we embrace wholeheartedly! After all, no other industry has had to face as many new challenges in the last few years. The success of a brand’s flagship store or global online shop is defined by different rules than brand PR. Public relations lead to clients and conversions. This is where we combine two worlds: brand and promotion! Everything is constantly changing in one respect – social media communication, influencers, algorithms – but also staying the same in another – CRM, guest management, one-to-one communication. And this is exactly what we love about it!

Whenever tech brands want to take a lifestyle approach, we are their number one choice! In a time when products are becoming increasingly similar, it is the emotions and stories we tell together that turn a brand into a tangible experience. And that is doubly true of (auto)mobility! A decade of experience with the world’s biggest automobile brands in all aspects of communication is what sets us aside and translates our passion into expertise.

Design that is not just a trend, but a lasting statement, products that are built to last for many years, that care about our planet and our resources – We believe that customers are increasingly aware of their choices and how they determine the footprint we make on this world. As a Communications agency we are determined to strengthen this message and to help these brands reach their audience. The future of fashion and lifestyle is Green!

Our roots lie in the world of fashion but home décor and interior design are also a part of this. Whether product design, furniture or homeware accessories, the boundaries between the various worlds of fashion are blurring. The right content in the right context with lots of tact and finesse are sought-after here. Out-of-the-box ideas are the key to success.